Name: Team Galactic
Price: 50.00 42.50 USD

Join up with Team Galactic by buying this supporter package! By joining, you'll get a cool in-game rank, a free shiny pokemon of your choice, access to a weekly kit filled with supplies, and a bunch of commands! Such as..

-A FREE Shiny Pixelmon.

-/Heal - Low on health and need a quick bandage? /Heal has you covered!

-/Fly - Create skyscrapers like never before! /Fly allows you to easily manuever on the go!

-/Sethome x30 - Thats right, you now get a total of fiftteen homes instead of ten!

-/Trails - Tired of walking around without any swagger? Get access to new trails: Potion Effect, Mycleum Particle, Footsteps, and Torch Flames.

-/Kit Claim TeamGalactic - A kit full of supplies straight to your inventory. Contains: 32 Ultra Balls, 32 Love Balls, 1 Master Ball, 2 HP Up, 2 Protein, 2 Iron, 2 Calcium, 2 Zinc, 2 Carbos, 5 Max Revives and 15 Rare Candies. 

As well as the following from Team Star and Team Rocket:

-/Workbench - Open a workbench from anywhere!

-/Nick - Get yourself a cool in-game nickname!

-/Hat - Tired of your head? Make it a block!

-/Feed - Low on food and need a quick fix? /Feed has you covered!

-/PC - Turn your PC into a Portable PC! /PC anywhere, anytime.

-/Trails - Witch Magic, Enchantment, Music Note,  Lava, Slime, Splash, and Cloud.

*Kit is only useable once every 7 days, or every 168 hours. Team Galactic cannot use the Team Star or Team Galactic kits. Free Shiny Pixelmon will be delivered in-game by staff, not at the time of purchase. Free Shiny Pixelmon subject to the rules of our "Shiny Pixelmon*" package.*